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Howdy, and welcome to my new blog–The Gold Scoop–(November 2019). My name is Jason Kincade. I love the outdoor life, especially camping, prospecting, and mining.

Periodically, throughout my younger years, operating on a shoe-string budget, I had the privilege and good fortune to find myself in a position to drop out of the mainstream. On several occasions, I was able to fade into the bush to prospect for gold in California, Alaska, and Nevada for a year or more at a stretch. However, I am an old dog now; most of my mining days are behind me.

So, to keep my paw in the pot, I’ve created this blog. Over time, I intend to author and publish tutorials and related links to helpful resources, hopefully of interest to up-and-coming greenhorns (sourdoughs too). In addition, I intend to chronicle some of the adventures that I’ve had while camping, prospecting, and mining in the bush.

The Gold Scoop is my hobby (not my job). To keep it that way, I will write and post only when the mood strikes–no quota, no pressure, no friggin deadlines. As long as it remains a source of enjoyment and fulfillment for me, that will be reward enough. But, looking ahead, if someday I can monetize The Gold Scoop in a way that generates enough revenue to cover operating expenses, all the better.  And if a few ducats are leftover to stuff into my pockets–that will be a welcome bonus.